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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can be admitted?
    Palm Tree Clinic welcomes both international and local clients and is authorized to provide management for adults only (18 years and older). Although Palm Tree Clinic is accredited with all medical aids, we are also able to accomodate for those who wish to pay privately for their admission. For more information about our treatment program, please contact us.
  • How do I go about arranging admission?
    Should you wish to be admitted to Palm Tree Clinic, pleasecontact us so that we may arrange your admission for you. Please also find our pre-admission protocol here and our patient management protocol here.
  • How does payment work?
    Payment depends on whether you are on a medical aid and if you want the medical aid to cover your admission. 1. If you are on a medical aid Most medical aids in South Africa cover psychiatric hospital admissions as part of one’s in-hospital benefit. The duration of admission as well as the treatments covered however varies between medical aid schemes. Palm Tree Clinic is accredited with all the major Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa and is able to claim directly from one’s medical aid. Should your medical aid not cover your admission or should they only cover a portion thereof, the patient will be liable for any shortfalls. 2. If you are not on a medical aid or should you wish to pay directly for your admission: Patients will be required to pay for their hospitalization and treatment program. A quotation can be sent to you upon your request. Please note that full payment is required in order to secure your admission. Admission will not be granted unless full payment is received. Payment can be made via EFT, debit/credit card or cash.
  • How long will I be admitted for?
    Although Palm Tree Clinic offers a 21-day (3 week) program, it is not a requirement for patients to be admitted for this duration. The duration of your admission will be adjusted according to your preferences and clinical needs.
  • What can I expect upon admission?
    Once you have decided upon admission, Palm Tree Clinic and its team will try their utmost to ensure that you get the best program possible. Upon your arrival, one of our experienced nursing staff will welcome you and proceed with your admission. Your psychiatrist will be contacted and a consultation arranged. After meeting with your psychiatrist, a specific treatment plan will be established for you.
  • What must I bring for admission?
    Please ensure that you bring the following items: 1. Comfortable clothing including: Everyday wear that is appropriate for groups, relaxation and light exercise. Nightclothes (including slippers and a night gown). Shoes appropriate for walking. Active wear (if you intend to use the gym). 2. Medical aid card and main member’s ID book 3. Identification document: ID book/card, drivers license or passport 4. Money for personal use 5. Medication that you are currently taking This includes prescription, non-prescription, chronic, psychiatric or any other medication that you are currently taking. All medication must be brought in its original packaging and upon admission, handed to the nursing sister on duty. Clients may NOT keep any medication in their possession or in their rooms whilst admitted at the clinic. 6. Toiletries Please note that all sharp objects (such as razors, scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, etc.) and electrical appliances (such as hairdryers, straighteners, etc.) must be declared and handed to the nursing sister upon admission. When needed, they can be collected from the nursing station but must be immediately returned after use. Clients are not permitted to keep these items in their rooms. 7. Reading material 8. Notebook and writing material 9. Pillow (if you prefer your own) Pillows, in addition to clean linen and towels will, however, be provided. 10. Cigarettes (should you smoke) 11. International clients are required to also bring the following: Valid passport Valid visa Evidence of a return flight booking International plug adaptor(s) Please note that all bags and parcels (including those brought by visitors) are searched upon arrival. Undeclared medication, sharp objects or electrical appliances will be removed and handed to the nurse on duty.
  • What am I not allowed to bring?
    Clients are advised to leave valuables such as cell phones, electronic devices and jewellery at home as their safety cannot be guaranteed. Should they be mislaid or stolen, Palm Tree Clinic cannot be held responsible. Large amounts of money are not permitted at Palm Tree Clinic. Clients are advised to bring only a small amount of money for personal use. Alcohol and illicit substances are not permitted on Palm Tree Clinic's premisis. Weapons (firearms, ammunition, pepper spray, knives, tear gas, etc.). Please note:All bags and parcels (including those brought by visitors) are searched upon arrival. Should alcohol, illicit substances or weapons be found, Palm Tree Clinic reserves the right to refuse admission and report the incident to the South African Police Services (SAPS).
  • Other important information
    1. Vehicles Palm Tree Clinic advises clients to not bring vehicles to the premisis. Should you bring a vehicle, this will be at your own risk. You will not, however, be allowed to drive the vehicle whilst you are admitted at Palm Tree Clinic. 2. Transport Palm Tree Clinic does not offer transport services. Should clients require transport, they are advised to ask a family member, friend or colleague for assistance, or alternatively, are required to utilize a taxi service at their own cost. 3. Laundry Palm Tree Clinic does not offer laundry services. External laundry services can, however, be arranged at the client's own risk and cost. Palm Tree Clinic advises clients to pack enough clean clothing for the duration of their admission. 4. Visitors Visiting hours are as follows: Monday to Friday: 18:30 – 20:00 Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 14:00 – 16:00 and 18:00 – 20:00 Please note that only three visitors are allowed per client. Visitors are NOT permitted in any bedrooms and are only allowed in designated areas. Children are allowed to visit but must be supervised at all times.

General Admission Information

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