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Dr Avani Maharaj

MBChB , MMed, FC Psych (SA)

After completing her medical degree, Dr Maharaj went on to do her internship at King Edward Vlll Hospital in Durban. Thereafter she began working on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal in Scottburgh, where she completed her community service.


It was here where she developed a keen interest in psychiatry and decided to take up a medical officer post in the field. She was selected as a successful candidate for the psychiatric registrar program at the prestigious University of Cape Town(UCT) where she completed her specialist training and research.


She is currently in private practice and treats both outpatients as well as patients in need of inpatient admissions. Dr Avani Maharaj brings her psychiatric expertise to our multi-faceted treatment programme. 


Dr Neil Horn


Dr Neil Horn is a specialist psychiatrist with offices in the Cape Town CBD. After working in family practice in Cape Town, he went on to train and work in psychiatry in the UK for 10 years, after which he returned to practice in Cape Town in 2004.


In the last few years, he has worked in the Department of Health, at the University of Cape Town and in private practice. His main interests and skills lie in assessing and treating anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, ADHD and complex, treatment-resistant or medico-legal problems. Dr Horn also writes about the clinical and neuroscience aspects of mental health and psychiatric disorders and lectures primary care practitioners and fellow psychiatrists on these topics. 

In his experience, he has found that the vast majority of people with mental health problems make a good or excellent recovery with the correct psychological and medical treatment. He hopes to share his expertise with those in need, as often people with mental health issues face difficulties with stigma and too little access to expert clinicians and on the other hand too much, often poor quality, internet-based information about mental health issues.

What role does the psychiatrist play in my management at Palm Tree Clinic? 

Psychiatrists assist with the following:





Full evaluation and assessment to identify if:

  • You fulfill criteria for a specific mental health disorder and/or psychopathology.

  • You are appropriate for admission to Palm Tree Clinic.

  • You would benefit long term from the inpatient program at Palm Tree Clinic.


Facilitation of the biopsychosocial management approach, including:

  • Assessing if medication is required and prescribing this as indicated.

  • Assessing if other services (such as a psychologist, specialist, occupational therapist and/or physiotherapist) are required and assisting with a referral for these services.


Psychoeducation of patients and their families/friends.


Liaising with the multi-disciplinary team and managing each patient so as to ensure that all patients are optimally and appropriately managed.

In addition, should you wish for your medical aid to cover your admission, motivation from a psychiatrist will be required. 

If I am not known to a psychiatrist at Palm Tree Clinic, how do I get referred?

Should you already be known to a psychiatrist, please let us know so that we may contact them and inform them of your admission. 

Should you not be known to a psychiatrist, Dr Tamsin Malengret will assist in referring you to one of Palm Tree Clinic's psychiatrists. 


Dr Kumarie Moodliar

MBChB (2002), MMed (2008), FC Psych (SA) (2010), PG Dip Addiction (2017).

Originally from Durban, Dr Moodliar relocated to Cape Town during her internship year. It was during her community service at Mitchell’s Plain Hospital that she was exposed to the intense trauma, poverty and consequent mental stress that South African's face, and this led her to develop an interest in community psychiatry.


Thereafter, Kumarie got a job as a medical officer at Karl Bremer Hospital, where she was able to practice community psychiatry. Her 2 years in this post exposed her to the various types of psychiatry, especially in the context of South Africa. It was her passion for the field that led her to apply for, and be successfully granted a registrar (specialist) training post in psychiatry at the University of Stellenbosch.


After completing her training, Dr Moodliar started in private practice at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital and has been establishing her practice since 2011. Her continued passion for psychiatry together with her clinical experience, motivated her to advance in her studies, as she took a special interest in addiction. This was the driving factor for her completing a 2-year post-doctoral diploma in addiction care at the University of Stellenbosch. 

Since joining the team in July 2014, Dr Moodliar has become an integral part of the treatment programme at Palm Tree Clinic, and continues to significantly contribute to the standard of care provided to patients. 

DR s RABE.jpg

Dr Susan Rabe

MBChB (1986), MMed (1994), FC Psych (SA) (1995)

After completing her schooling in Durbanville, Dr Rabe decided to pursue a medical degree & proceeded to enrol for the medical program at the University of Stellenbosch. It was during this time that she began to develop an interest for psychiatry.


Dr Rabe decided to, however, first explore the fields of community care, emergency care and general practice before committing to psychiatry. This led to her working in multiple clinics and emergency departments in Gugulethu, Mitchell’s Plain, Hanover Park, Atlantis and JG Strijdom Hospital as well as in the private sector. It was during this time that her passion and interest for psychiatry grew. In 1991, Dr Rabe decided to enrol for the registrar (specialist) training post at the University of the Witwatersrand and was accepted.


After completing her specialist training in Johannesburg, Dr Rabe decided to return to Cape Town in 1995 where she worked as a consultant psychiatrist at the University of Stellenbosch before opening her own private practice in Paarl in 1996.


Following the success of her practice in Paarl, Dr Rabe proceeded to branch out to other areas in Cape Town and in August 2016, began assisting at Palm Tree Clinic on a part-time basis. In January 2018, Dr Rabe decided to join the team full time and opened a practice in the Table View area.

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