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Nursing care is an integral part of the patient program at Palm Tree Clinic. 
Palm Tree Clinic prides itself in having a team of compassionate, dedicated and experienced nursing staff. All of our nurses are psychiatrically trained and are available 24 hours a day. 

Who are   the nursing staff at  Palm Tree Clinic?

Palm Tree Clinic's nursing team is as follows:

  1. Trudie Cheetham (nursing manager)

  2. Daphne Ngebulana (day duty)

  3. Riette De Villiers (night duty)

  4. William Archillies (night duty)

What role do the nursing staff play in my management at  Palm Tree Clinic?

The nurses form an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team and patient program at Palm Tree Clinic by assisting with the following: 

  • The distribution and monitoring of prescribed medication.

  • The monitoring and support of patients whilst they are admitted.

  • Ensuring that patients therapeutic as well as basic needs are met.

  • Supporting the multi-disciplinary team and ensuring that the prescribed treatment program is being effectively implemented.

  • Facilitation of the group program at Palm Tree Clinic.

Nursing Staff

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