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Inpatient Program

Palm Tree Clinic offers both an inpatient and outpatient program. By working together and adopting a holistic yet evidence-based approach to healthcare, our multi-disciplinary team aims to help patients rebuild their lives and restore their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

Our inpatient program includes the following:


  1. Individual assessments and consultations with the multi-disciplinary team 

  2. Group therapy sessions

  3. Medication therapy​


Group therapy forms a fundamental part of the program at Palm Tree Clinic as it creates a comfortable yet confidential space that encourages patients to share their burdens and emotions whilst still allowing for them to get support and feedback from others. Working together, patients are also given the opportunity to learn from each other and make changes in their lives. Sometimes it will be uncomfortable. Sometimes it will be difficult. And sometimes it will be scary. Remember that each group is designed to bring you more clarity and this process will make you wiser, more resilient, create self-awareness and connect you with emotions of joy, gratitude and authentic self-love.​


By offering a variety of groups, we aim to assist patients with: 

•    Self-esteem enhancement

•    Self-image and personality development 

•    Optimization of one’s functionality 

•    Stress and anxiety management 

•    Relationships 

•    Relaxation techniques 

•    Creative skills. 

•    Mindfulness and self-acceptance

•    Distress tolerance

•    Emotional regulation 

•    Interpersonal effectiveness

See a sample of our daily program here.


Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program includes the following:

  1. Individual consultations and assessments with members of our multi-disciplinary team 

  2. Support groups 

  3. Workshops


Palm Tree Clinic currently offers a limited outpatient program but hopes to expand this in the near future.  


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