General Practitioners


Dr Tamsin Malengret

MBBCh (2015)

Growing up, Dr Malengret was always passionate about the community and helping people. This led her to apply for and successfully complete a medical degree at the University of Witswatersrand. Thereafter, she decided to relocate to Cape Town in order to complete her internship training. It was during this time that her passion and interest for holistic and integrative health grew.


Subsequently, she decided to apply for and was successfully granted a psychiatric post at Lentegeur hospital for her community service. It was through her experiences as a doctor that she became aware of the significance of mental illness and the burden it carries. This later inspired her to join the team at Palm Tree Clinic in January 2019, as one of the General practitioners as well as hospital manager.


Dr Sunderan Moodley

MBChB (1985)

Dr Moodley was born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal. After finishing school,  he went on to pursue a medical degree in the Eastern Cape. He then completed his internship training in KwaZulu-Natal before relocating to Cape Town in 2002 to start his community service. Thereafter, he began working in private practice.


In addition, Dr Moodley has also successfully completed a post-graduate diploma in occupational medicine at the University of Stellenbosch, as well as holds an acute trauma life support (ATLS) and acute cardiac life support (ACLS) certification. 


Dr Moodley has proceeded to establish a successful private practice in Belville, and intends to set up an occupational medicine practice. 


An interest in mental health is what led Dr Moodley to join the team at Palm Tree Clinic in July 2014, and through his role as a general practitioner he continues to explore his passion for the field.

What role does the general practitioner play in my management at Palm Tree Clinic? 

The role of the GP is to perform a full medical check-up and/or to treat any medical conditions that you may have.

This check-up includes the following:

  1. Full history and examination

  2. Investigations (including bloods, imaging and/or any other investigations)

  3. Specialist referral (if indicated)


It is important that patients have this check-up as it does not only allow for a holistic treatment program, but also plays an important role in the psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and management of a patient.


Medical conditions must be evaluated and treated for as they often mimic psychiatric illness. Additionally, they often also contribute to and/or exacerbate one’s psychiatric symptoms. Without addressing one’s medical conditions, one’s psychiatric concerns may never resolve.

If I am not known to a general practitioner at Palm Tree Clinic, how do I get


A general practitioner usually gets allocated to each patient, unless you request a specific one.

Practice no. 0493317

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