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Elise Beeby

BA Hons (RAU), MA Clinical Psychology (RAU), Hypnosis Certificate (RAU)

A registered, experienced and compassionate Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, Elise Beeby's dedication to mental health is unparalleled.

After completing her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with distinction at the then Rand Afrikaans University (RAU), Elise went on to complete two internships, one at Sterkfontein Hospital (Clinical Psychology) and another at the Department of Labour (Counselling).


Elise then returned back to the academic realm, where she was appointed as a student counselor and lecturer at Technikon Witwatersrand, where she founded a student support group, raising awareness for students' mental health on campus. Not long thereafter, Elise became the Departmental Head of Student Counselling. 

Elise eventually branched off from academia and established her own practices at Sandton Clinic and Mayo Clinic in Gauteng. Upon relocation to Cape Town, Elise started a practice at Crescent Clinic before opening up Blouberg MediSpa in West Beach and founding Palm Tree Clinic in Table View in 2012.


Fergus Ashburner

BA (2009), BA Hons (2010), MA Clinical Psychology (2015)

After completing his studies at the University of Johannesburg, Fergus decided to relocate to Cape Town for his internship and community service training. After working at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital, Groote Schuur Hospital and Goodwood prison respectively, Fergus decided to branch off to the private sector. It was during this time that his passion and interest in addiction and emotional dysregulation grew. He also took an interest in academia and proceeded to become one of the addiction psychiatry clinical psychologists and lecturers at the University of Cape Town in January 2019.


By integrating psychodynamic and dialectical behaviour techniques into his treatment approach, Fergus helps clients change their maladaptive patterns and develop emotion-regulation skills. 


When asked to describe what he does, Fergus responded with the following: “I am a clinical psychologist who works with clients who struggle with 'problems in living'. I work with the client and together we collaborate in using one’s emotions to successfully tackle difficulties in our lives, including problems with relationships, self-esteem, work, addiction and sexuality.” 


Fergus has been a part of the Palm Tree Clinic team since October 2017 and using his collaborative approach, he helps patients address their mental health concerns. 


Niel Victor

MA (Clin Psych) Cum Laude UNISA (2014), MA(Res Psych) UP (1996)

Niel is a registered clinical and research psychologist that currently lives and practices in Cape Town. Following a 20-year career in market research, Niel beat cancer in 2010. This led to a journey on another lifelong road of passion: clinical psychology. He completed his master's thesis on the experience of LGB people in South Africa with psychology and counselling. He is currently busy with his doctorate on South African psychology counsellors and psychotherapists' training, experience, competence, and confidence in practising affirmatively with LGB people.


Niel is also a member of the PsySSA (Psychological Society of South Africa) LGBTI Human Rights Project - a collaborative program between IPsyNet (International Psychological Network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex issues) and PsySSA. Amongst other activities in the project, he led the team that developed the recently launched practice guidelines for psychological professionals working with sexual and gender diverse people. The work has led to numerous presentations at local and international congresses and other forums, as well as several academic publications.


Since joining the Palm Tree Clinic team in September 2018, Niel has brought an additional dynamic to the treatment programme.

Martin Dutton.jpeg

Martin Dutton

BA (UJ), BA Hons (Unisa), MA Clinical Psychology (Wits)

Martin is a caring, gentle and passionate individual who has a deep and genuine care for his patients. He uses a variety of modalities that he feels are best suited to his patient’s needs. Martin generally approaches a patient’s mental health concerns from a psychodynamic perspective, to understand underlying difficulties and unconscious content and to alleviate these negative processes. He addresses emotional reactions and maladaptive patterns of living, both personally and interpersonally. He also combines skills using CBT and positive psychology.


During his career, he has worked in private practice, been a lecturer of psychology models and conducted neuropsychological assessments. He has been exposed to work in psychiatric units as well as community clinics.


Martin has a special focus on anxiety and depression but notes that “life happens” and stress and adjustment challenges impact a person’s functionality. His motto is “I want you to live your best life and the new best version of you!”


Martin recently relocated to Cape Town and started work at Palm Tree Clinic. To him, free time is all about a good novel, and he hopes to start his PhD in the near future.

What role does the psychologist play in my management at Palm Tree Clinic? 

Psychologists assist with the following:













Evaluating for and diagnosing psychiatric disorders and/or psychopathology.


Challenges of life, including life stage changes and addiction.


Personal development and growth.


Personal mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety.


Difficulties in intimate, social, work and family relationships.


Grief and trauma – partner violence, sexual abuse, rape, death and dread disease


Sexuality and gender diversity issues, including LGBT concerns


Supporting patients and their families when it comes to processing and managing psychiatric illness, psychopathology and/or other forms of psychological distress.


Specific types of therapy including addiction therapy, family therapy, couple therapy and relationship counselling.


Psychotherapy for specific psychiatric disorders including DBT, CBT and exposure therapy.


Psychoeducation of patients and their families/friends.


Referring patients to appropriate professionals should further assessments and/or interventions be required.

If I am not known to a psychologist at Palm Tree Clinic, how do I get referred?

Should you already be known to a psychologist, please let us know so that we may contact them and inform them of your admission. Should you not be known to a psychologist, one will be allocated to you by your attending psychiatrist. 

Clinical Psychologists

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