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Mental Health - The Next Pandemic

Any pandemic causes trauma, and the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving our mental health in crisis. The fact is, we will all suffer from some form of PTSD once this is over. Maintaining social connections is vital to your mental health and because the Coronavirus pandemic robs us of these physical social connections, our psyche is left in disarray. Various psychological sores that are developing as a result include, among others:

  • sleep disturbance

  • eating problems

  • alcohol and substance abuse

  • irritability

  • apprehension and indecisiveness

  • fear and bondage

  • feeling 'out of balance' all the time

Mental health issues that can be expected in response to the Coronavirus pandemic include an increase in suicide, depression and psychosis (losing contact with reality). Economic hardships and the loss of friends/family members are the most strenuous triggers that induce a mental break down, and these are rife during the current health crisis. Pre-occupation, severe competitiveness, bullying and abuse will run rampant during this unprecedented time, but hopefully, a spiritual awakening and a new, forward-thinking outlook on life will also emerge.

It is thus important to reach out to your loved ones and your community. Support is essential and these social connections will reduce fear and allow us to take solace in our rekindled relationships.

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