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Panic Buster - how to mentally cope with the COVID-19 pandemic

Palm Tree Clinic is a boutique facility catering for a maximum of 11 patients while strictly abiding to the Covid-19 precautions as set out by the Department of Health and WHO.  At Palm Tree Clinic, patients are provided with a "safe haven" to deal with the life challenges they are trying to combat in these difficult times. 

Elise Beeby, one of our in-house clinical psychologists, has developed a mindful exercise that can be applied by individuals to assist them in overcoming panic induced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Eye of the Storm Mindful exercise

Close your eyes and become aware of the storm that is exploding around you in its various colors and sounds. Repeat 5 times what you see, hear and smell.

Find the wise, mindful part in your body by scanning your body from head to toe. Visualize this part of your body as the eye of the storm and resonate with it. Breathe into this part of the body and relax all other parts of the body. Feel your breath of wisdom and inner peace (the eye of the storm)  flow through your entire body through every vein and muscle.

Breathe deeply in and out and repeat the feelings you are feeling  in this the moment up to 5 times.Think along the lines of peaceful, relaxed and calm. Feel the feelings (smell, see, hear) and let the colors come to you.  Allow all your senses to be present. Repeat to yourself: "It is only a storm, it will subside. Just ride the storm."

Let the storm fade and return to the here and now, positive and programmed for survival. Find a token that will reinforce this positive state of mind whenever you feel stressed anxious or go into panic mode.  It is just a storm, a tornado.  Remember that it will pass in time.

With a positive mindset and spring in your step, you will now be able to implement your precautions with ease, keeping yourself safe and healthy.

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