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Welcome to Palm Tree Clinic...

Boutique private psychiatric facility in Cape Town
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Since 2012, Palm Tree Clinic has been helping people change their lives for the better.


By providing a safe, supportive and comfortable environment, Palm Tree Clinic allows one to disconnect from the everyday pressures of life so that they may focus on their health and recovery. 

Our holistic program aims to restore patients by providing them with the tools they need in order to recover and develop. By providing a smaller and more attentive environment, we are able to connect with our patients on a more personal level and are subsequently able to provide our patients with a more individualized and personalized treatment program.

Let us help you regain your psychological, physical and spiritual wellbeing through our holistic approach to mental health. 
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We offer treatment for the following:

Including general anxiety, phobias & panic attacks

anxiety disorders

Including bipolar & depression

mood disorders

Including those associated with sexuality & identity

adjustment disorders

Including borderline, narcissistic & other personality disorders

personality disorders

Including relationship, educational & work related stresses  

stress disorders

Including post-traumatic stress disorder 

trauma disorders

Including schizophrenia & other medical & substance-induced psychoses 

psychotic disorders

Including obesity, compulsive eating & other related eating problems

eating issues

Including alcohol, cannabis & other substances

substance use

Including those with your partner, family & work colleagues 

relationship problems

Five reasons why Palm Tree Clinic is for you...

Holistic Approach
to Health
Experienced & Compassionate Team
Serene Setting

Palm Tree Clinic recognizes that each person’s experience of mental illness is different and we therefore try mold our program in order to meet your needs

By utilizing a multi-disciplinary team in our treatment program, we ensure that all aspects of your healthcare are catered for.

Since 2012, our experienced, empathetic and  dedicated team has been working together to help people change their lives for the better.

With no more than 15 beds, Palm Tree Clinic offers a more comfortable, attentive and personalized healing environment.  

Located on the banks of Rietvlei Dam, with the backdrop of picturesque Table Mountain, Palm Tree Clinic provides a tranquil and beautiful environment that promotes recovery. 

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What previous patients think of their experience at Palm Tree Clinic...

Your contribution in my life was nothing short of magical. A clinic like Palm Tree replaces the fear of illness with trust in recovery... You made me feel safe, cared for and comfortable. Thanks for your warmth, humour, care and attention. I was an ordinary patient of ordinary means, but your team took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth. You had a great impact on my life when I most needed it... 

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